UHMWPE webbing

UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) webbing is a very strong webbing. Stronger, lighter and thinner than webbing made from traditional fibers, UHMWPE webbing is widely used in products requiring high strength and low stretch, and in applications where there is a risk of corrosion.

Types of applications

Safety harness webbing

Lift sling

Load securing belt

Tear webbing

Safety belt


UHMWPE webbing such as Dyneema® and Technora® etc. has excellent resistance to mold, UV damage, abrasion, acid, alkali, and oil, and is heat resistant up to 300°F, making it ideal for a variety of rugged outdoor product applications.

At the same time, a wide range of webbing patterns and multi-color blends can be selected depending on specific customer needs to match the application scenario of the final product.