Recycled webbing

Polypropylene, nylon, and polyester are the most demanded materials in the textile industry. Recycled synthetic fiber, produced from existing products, is even more sustainable and eco-friendly than cotton fiber. 

Our company is dedicated to promoting the development of recycled and responsible materials. We can produce recycled PP, polyester and nylon in our own factory. We have been certified by GRS (Global Recycle Standard).

Types of applications

Recycled PP webbing

Recycled polyester webbing

Recycled polyamide/nylon webbing


We eliminates, as far as possible, environmental risks ensuring that the company complies with all statutory and regulatory requirements during the manufacturing process. Our sites and our products are certified with ISO-9001: 2015, Bluesign and GRS etc.

Among these certificates, GRS is intended to verify the recycled materials of our webbing products (both finished and intermediate), responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in the production to ensure that their harmful impacts are minimized.