about polyunion

Polyunion Industrial Limited is a China-based global manufacturer of high-quality webbing with a range from light webbing to heavy industrial webbing. With over 40 years of experience in the development and production of webbing, together with excellent manufacturing capacity, Polyunion is able to meet and exceed the various needs of customers and comply with in-house quality controls and international testing standards.

Webbing Expert

With advanced professional equipment and outstanding technology, we support our clients from A to Z for their projects by offering tailor-made solutions. Years of experience in the production of webbing has allowed us to successfully acquire expertise in a complete set of weaving technologies and to better meet the individual application needs of our customers.

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Our yarn products include PolyPropylene, nylon, polyester, and recycled materials. Complete a series of procedures from yarn drawing, oiling, spraying to winding.

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We offer a wide range of high quality webbing including classic webbing, elastic bands, knitting and jacquard webbing, cord and other functional webbing.

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Sewing Products

In addition to functional post-treatment of webbing, we can also perform stitching, laser cutting and other assembly processes according to customer needs.


Polyunion Industrial Limited was founded in 1976 in Taiwan. With the continuous development of the company, Polyunion has set up production facilities in Shenzhen, Vietnam and Dongguan, as well as business offices in China and France. Today, our webbing products are recognized throughout the world.


We manufacture classic webbing, elastic webbing, jacquard webbing, cord, as well as the assembling products. The products in our range are used in various fields such as outdoor sports (skiing, climbing, mountaineering, etc.), protection and industrial safety, medical products, also in garment, entertainment products and accessories for pets.

We support our clients throughout their project: from the choice of the raw material, the color, the weaving method to the customization of the product with specific finishings according to their requests. Our high-tech machines and  R&D capabilities allow us to meet our customer’s needs.