Loop webbing

Loop webbing (daisy chain) is a vertical length of webbing with multiple loops that serve as attachment points for sports gear. It is normally stitched to a backpack in one or two rows to increase the carrying capacity of the pack while making it more convenient for the hiker to access frequently needed items.

Loop webbing (hook & loop fastener) consists of two components: typically two lineal fabric strips which are attached (sewn or otherwise adhered) to the opposing surfaces to be fastened. 

Types of applications

Bag webbing


Hammock strap

Watch strap


The feature of our daisy chain is that it is woven in one piece. The reduction of the sewing process saves time and cost and allows the webbing to be formed as one piece. Meanwhile, the width, loop size, connection point and length of the webbing can be adjusted, providing a more solid feature and a beautiful seamless appearance. 


Most hook and loop fasteners are made out of nylon, but they can be made in different materials such as polyester and polypropylene according to the needs of customers. Thanks to our technology, we are able to cut (ultrasonic cutting) the hook and loop fasteners into individual pieces in such a way that their ends may not wear and tear, and varied types of sewing.